vendredi 17 octobre 2014

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the dog species. Commonly known as "Pitbull". Country of origin is the United Kingdom.

According to a survey  of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), out of the 238 human fatalities in the 20 years of 1979-1998 years, located in the 1-position (66) in the dog type.


Had been generated the 1870-80's. The intended carefully selected to crossing such as Staffordshire Bull Terrier and initial type of bulldog and the fighting dogs. Is pet systems along with the prohibition of fighting dogs, ferocious personality has been improved.

In Japan it was brought as fighting dogs and [citation needed]. At the time, tosa is mainly in Japan fighting dogs world, Pitbull came from the United States to receive the rogue treatment. But the struggle instinct is to excellence, that is a large tosa a small thin pitbull defeat, from having to repeat the dramatic game, named "PITBULL" came to be known world.

The pit bull owners, old place in the writer of Mark Twain, inventor Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, and Helen Keller are.

Diane Jessup copyright, became a model of translation Akiko Nakamura "Damien story dog who believe in God" (Tokuma Shoten).


Because it is a breed that has been bred as fighting dogs, by the force is strong and muscular, physical ability is high. Required momentum is enormous, and more than two hours daily exercise requires 1-2 times.

Strong fighting spirit results that have been used by the people of the part that gave the eye as guard dogs and guard dogs, as ferocious dog species peel fangs to people, it becomes that it is dangerous in many countries of the world, now part in the country are regulated is bred (below detail).

Because it is a kind of fighting dogs, there is a need to be kept under complete control of sudden aggression also including with keepers and their families, it is difficult to breed in dog breeding beginner or curiosity.

However, originally patiently, obedient, human beings to a loyalty and obedience mind is strong personality that shows a deep affection, also because it is also very clever dog, and as a leader from the dog if the socialization and obedience training early it is said that gain the trust of. It should be noted that, currently Pitbull show type, fighting dogs type, being subdivided into three types of Bree type there

Also in addition to the above three types, there is also a large type used for competition (weight lookup), such as weights pull, would also be present to more than 60 km in large individuals